How We Can Help You

Wealth Insurance Solutions is a boutique insurance advisory company servicing clients Australia-wide. We provide a range of professional advice specialising in personal and business insurance and superannuation strategies, and find the most appropriate policies tailored to suit your circumstances.

icon Life Insurance                                            icon Succession Planning
icon Income Protection Insurance                  icon Key Person Insurance
icon Trauma Insurance                                     icon Business Expenses
icon Total & Permanent Disability Insurance  icon Superannuation

The Benefits of Our Services:

hassle-freePeace of mind & expert advice

Many people think they have the right protection, but the fine print on certain policies may mean that in the event of a claim, you may be left high and dry. Our professional advice can help you to make sure you are properly covered, and we can recommend improving your cover, if necessary.

No paperwork, no headache!

Leave the paperwork to us! After assessing your needs, we will  provide a plan outlining your coverage, and once you are happy, we help take care of the documentation, and answer any questions you may have.

Get covered in no time… 

handshakeApplying for cover is easy and simple. You can contact us by clicking here, or by phoning 1300 761 861, and we will organise a consultation in person or over the phone. We’ll do a questionnaire about your requirements and personal circumstances, then consider a range of options and prepare a recommendation plan based on these findings. You can apply for cover in as little as 24 hours!*

We have a range of policy providers

Unlike consulting a specific insurance provider, as insurance professionals we have the benefit of being able to source from a number of reputable insurance providers, and choose a policy that fits your needs. So you don’t have to work around their requirements, we work around yours!

Financial protection can be considered as one of the most important aspects of planning for and protecting your future. Not many people consider how their family would cope financially should they die, become disabled or suffer a major trauma event.

Most people will make sure their car and home are insured, but neglect to insure the most important asset – their ability to earn an income.

If your income ceased due to sickness or accident, how will you and your family:

  • Pay the mortgage or rent?
  • Pay for school fees, grocery bills, electricity bills, car payments, etc?
  • Afford to take time off work to care for you and the children?

We cannot help with the emotional stress that you may go through if you suffer an illness or an accident. However, we can help you cope with the financial stress so you and/or your partner can then afford to take time off to concentrate on dealing with the health and emotional issues and not worry about finances.

Whether you would like advice for you and your family or the business you have worked so hard for, never underestimate the importance of good quality advice.

* Dependent upon individual circumstances.


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